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Our Wedding Day

Juliet's Family

Our Adorable Nephews

Juliet's Softball Tournament

Nico crossing the Alps on his bike

Trip to Italy

Our home

Pancake Breakfast on the Weekend

Neighbourhood Playground


Juliet and Nico

 Hello! We are Juliet and Nico from San Diego region, CA. We are a happy, fun, healthly and loving married couple who has been together for 10 years (married for 7yrs). We have wanted to adopt for the past two years after unsuccessful attempts to have a baby on our own. It was then we realised adoption was our destined path. We both come from loving and supportive families and we would be blessed to be able to share that same joy, laughter, support and love with your child as their adoptive parents.

Dear Expectant Mother,
We want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Our hopes are that you will see how much unconditional love we have for each other, our family and friends after learning more about us through our profile. We can only begin to imagine what a difficult time this has been for you and how hard the choices are that you have been facing. We admire your courage and selflessness for considering to put your baby’s needs above your own. Please know that in your absence we will always speak of you with respect and admiration. We look forward to getting to know you better and hope that we can help bring you some peace of mind in the decision that you ultimately make. We want you to feel comfortable with us and we want you to know that we will be open to any type of communication with you that feels right for you. We want to support you and your baby the best way we can.

What Juliet loves about Nico…
Nico is Juliet's real live Romeo. He is tall, good looking, self-confident and intelligent. While you would think that would grab any lady's attention, it was actually his wonderful sense of humor that stole her heart. He has such a witty sense of humor and it keeps Juliet laughing and on her toes. Nico has strong family values which comes from having grown up in a very supportive and loving family. He has a close and meaningful relationship with both his parents and sister. Nico is a protective big brother who is always there for his younger sister. She often comes to him for sound advice. Juliet knows Nico as sensitive, loyal and openly affectionate. She admires his ability to be so disciplined. He is very good about making sure he gets his work done before setting off to “play”. Nico likes a challenge. He plans ahead and works hard to ensure he reaches his desired goals. More recently, he hiked and biked from southern Germany to northern Italy with his friends on two different occasions. He completed each trip in under 8 days. It is these remarkable accomplishments that he finds very rewarding. Nico leads a healthy and balanced lifestyle. He is passionate about sports and participates regularily in mountain biking, running, swimming and golf. Don't let him fool you though, he has no problem kicking up his feet and watching sports from the couch. His favorite sports to watch include; rugby, soccer and football. Nico lived in Wisconsin for a while and the locals did a great job at converting him into a Green Bay Packers fan. He is not a “risk taker” but rather careful and calculated in nature. His kind heart and spirt is infectious to all that know him. He is the first to get up early and volunteer to help someone move house. Nico is a wonderful role model to many of his friend's young children who know him affectionately as "Uncle Coco". Juliet believes it is easy to see why children love him. He listens to them attentively, respects their thoughts and feelings and engages them in fun activities. He even taught his four year old nephew how to swim under water for the first time. Juliet knows Nico will be a wonderful father one day!

What Nico loves about Juliet …
Nico fell in love with Juliet at first sight. He noticed her smile across the room at a birthday party and did not waste time introducing himself. After many long walks along the beach getting to know her better, he found himself attracted to her more and more. He fell in love with her sensitive, kind, caring and compassionate nature. He could tell by the way she spoke of her family that she was very family oriented. Most that know her, know that she has an especially close bond with her mother and youngest sister. She has a huge heart and is often giving up her free time to help others in need. When living in Canada, she was a volunteer school mentor with Big Brothers and Sisters. Juliet has also volunteered to help the homeless and delivers hampers to new immigrant families in need at Christmas time. They say opposites attract, and well, Nico certainly found his match. Juliet is spontaneous and adventurous. He finds her both fun and exciting. She is very affectionate towards him and supportive in helping him reach his goals and dreams. He also admires her creative talents and the sketches that she secretly draws. He is her biggest fan. He also loves that they share a passion for the outdoors and sports. Juliet has played on softball teams, enjoys running, swimming, biking and yoga. They often participate in sporting activities outdoors on the weekend together. He knows to watch out though, she can get competitive. Juliet will take on any chance to beat him at a game of billiards, bowling, or opportunity to out drive him at the golf range. He loves that she is a strong woman who speaks her mind about important topics that are meaningful to her. Juliet can be tough when she needs to but loving, caring, tender and nurturing in the right moment. Nico knows Juliet will make a wonderful mother one day!

Our home...
We live in a lovely modern home near San Diego, California. We have a large master bedroom with en-suite, open kitchen and entertainment area, home office and spare bedroom waiting for our baby. We live in a safe, suburb and community in which you can find many young children playing outside. We are within walking distance to the local schools, playgrounds and parks, shops and hospital. Our home is filled with hope that one day we can teach our child to be generous with their affection and to love and respect themselves and others. To be honest and always tell the truth, to challenge themselves and set achievable goals, to dream big and always believe in themselves even when others do not. To give back to their community and help others less fortunate. To lead a healthy lifestyle and to have fun. We have learned that life is too short not too!

About Nico Juliet
Ages 30 to 39 40 to 49
Education P.H.D. Mechanical Engineering Bachelor of Business Degree
Occupation Quality Manager Recruitment Consultant - Health/Educaiton
Ethnic Background Caucasian Caucasian
Religion Christian Christian
Hobbies Running, Biking, Hiking, Snowboarding, Camping Cooking, Yoga, Golf, Traveling, Biking, Skiing, Sketching
Marital Status Married without children
Number of Children None  
Adopted Children No  
Living Environment Suburbs  
Adoption Wishes
Child's Age Up to 1 Year Old  
Child's Gender Either
Child's Ethnic Background Any
Special Needs No
Love to hear from you. Can be contacted at: 

phone or text (760) 457-6212                                                         
If applicable, you can contact the adoption professional:
See more at 5300  

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