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Having fun with our wedding party!

Being silly with my neice Ellie

Love my nephews Hank and Auggie!

On our honeymoon

Our sweet and lovable dog Sophie

On our last vacation to California

Celebrating National Adoption Day!

Go Cardinals!

Silly selfie!


Julie and Ben

 We are Julie and Ben from St. Louis, MO. We are a happy and caring couple, who are down to earth and friendly. We both love to laugh and often put the needs of others before our own. We wish for nothing more than to grow our family through adoption.

Dear Expectant Mother,
We are honored by your interest in us, and humbled by your strength in taking the decision to consider adoption. We believe the raising of a child in a warm and joyful environment, where a community of family and friends instill love, compassion and respect, is the most sacred gift in life. That you have considered us for this special role, and to bring that joy to our family, is a blessing in itself. Thank you. As parents, we will provide a safe and loving environment for your child. We value education and will encourage your child to develop his or her strengths. We hope to pass on values of respect for self and others, compassion and kindness. We want to nurture their imaginations, teach them to be a good person and help them realize their full potential and grow as an individual. We wish you peace with your decision and hope that you will be comforted with the knowledge that your child will be deeply loved and well cared for and will be raised to know of the loving sacrifice you made for them. Warmly, Julie and Ben

Ben by Julie
When I first met Ben, over six years ago, he instantly brought a smile to my face with his great sense of humor. I can honestly say that he has made me smile and laugh every day since! Ben is the most honest, kind, supportive, thoughtful, sincere and funny man that I have ever met. I feel so incredibly lucky to call him my best friend and my husband. I know he is going to make the best father and I can't wait to experience it with him!

Julie by Ben
Words cannot express my love for my wife, Julie. She has been my best friend since the moment I met her. I've never met someone with more patience nor someone more prepared to be a mother. Watching her with children is such a joy and they are so drawn to her. All Julie wants is for everyone to be happy.

Our Journey to Adoption
We met in 2010 on a dating website, and have been inseparable ever since. Early on, we realized all we've ever wanted was to be parents. As we got to know each other, we listened to each others countless stories of how each of us dreamt of being parents. In kindergarten, when Julie was asked what she wanted to be when she grew up, she answered, "a mommy." Julie started babysitting at age 11, was a camp counselor for many years, and became a teacher to make a difference in children's lives. Ben excitedly and lovingly, shared wonderful memories of him playing sports, going to movies and having sleep overs with his nephews. We got married in 2012 and immediately started trying to have children. After four years of countless procedures and four heartbreaking failed in vitro fertilizations, we realized children would not be possible biologically. Since we both knew giving up was not an option, there was no doubt that adoption was a perfect way to grow our family. We both feel that love has no boundaries and that the child we adopt will be shown the same love as if they were born to us. The love for our child is already growing in our hearts.

About Julie Ben
Ages 30 to 39 30 to 39
Education Bachelors in Art Education and Masters in Special Education Bachelors in Agriculture Science
Occupation Teacher Support and Account Manager
Ethnic Background Caucasian Caucasian
Religion Spritual Catholic
Hobbies drawing, painting, live music, movies, traveling, spending time with family, hanging out with Ben and Sophie guitar, softball, reading, wood working, live music, movies, hanging out with Julie and Sophie
Marital Status Married without children
Number of Children None  
Adopted Children No  
Living Environment Suburbs  
Pets Our beautiful and sweet dog Sophie
Adoption Wishes
Child's Age Newborn  
Child's Gender Either
Child's Ethnic Background Caucasian
Special Needs Individual basis
Love to hear from you. Can be contacted at:                                                         
If applicable, you can contact the adoption professional:
Bringing Families Together
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