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Me in Holland, MI

Funny faces with my siblings

Hiking in the forest

Me and my dad on vacation

My brother, my sister in law, with neice nand nephew

At my home

Hercules and Django hiking

Kitty cats

Sammy Boy



 Hello, my name is Dani. I hope to adopt.

Dear Expectant Mother,
Thank you for taking the time to allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dani.I am honored and happy that you are reading my profile. I hope you find the best situation for you and your child. I have always loved children and become a mother. I strongly desire to love and cherish a child unconditionally. To that end, I promise to be open and honest and to share your courageous love from the start. I am determined to provide a stable, safe, and nurturing environment, where a child can look forward to each day. I am resolved to lead by example and have patience, so any child can learn safely. I wish to instill good values such as compassion, empathy, responsibility, respect, kindness, and faith. I will set out to ensure the child has a superior education, an appreciation for art and culture, and the tools needed to thrive in the world. The child will grow in a home with an appreciation for God and nature. I wish you all the best and hope you find what you are looking for. Dani

A bit about me.
Quick points: Occupation: Pediatric Polysomnographic Technologist Favorite Place: Holland Michigan in late September Can't Live Without: My Family I grew up in Indianapolis, IN as the middle child of five children. I have three brothers and one sister. My parents were married for over 25 years, until my mother passed away. I was raised around Jehovah's Witnesses, and my service to God remains a focal point in my life. Growing up my family fostered exotic animals such as ferrets, guinea pigs, and even African grey birds. This built a love of animals and a desire to help others which has continued until this day, in addition, my family fostered an infant when I was in high school which sparked my desire to adopt. In high school I did many extracurricular activities including soccer, basketball, French, harp, choir, and even dental assisting. These activities helped me to realize I wanted to work within a team that was dedicated to assisting others. This led me to pursuing for my current occupation doing diagnostic sleep studies on children. I studies polysomnography at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and was registered in 2015. While in school I traveled the USA and Europe. I was also blessed with the opportunity to do missionary work in the United States. It is important to me that my child receive similar experiences. I now have a gratifying life where I work with a team to help others and learn along the way. I have a flexible work schedule which allowed me to take a leave of absence to complete my coursework to become and maintain my license as a foster parent. Those courses helped me to understand the unique and special joy of adoption, solidifying my desire to become an adoptive parent. I enjoy a close knit family, including three dogs and three cats, that supports my goals and are of a constant comfort. My life and work have been very rewarding and I hope to compound that happiness with the addition of a child.

My Family and Furbabies
All my extended family lives within 45 minutes of each other. I have 4 siblings, my father, and a 11 aunts and uncles. My immediate family and I try to spend time with one another at least one day a week. We like to have gatherings, cookouts, meals, outings, the symphony, and movie nights for fun. We often go on vacations together. I have a niece who is is three and an aspiring princess. I have a nephew who is six, and wants to be a superhero. Both love reading, movies, and sleepovers. I have three dogs and three cats that keep me entertained constantly. Hercules is a six year old Yorkshire terrier, and sweetest guy ever. Django is a four year old dachshund, wiener dog, who thinks he is a big dog. Sam is a four year friendly and goofy lab mix. Two of my cats are tabbies and the last is a calico. Their names are Duchess, Begira, and Calico, and they live for being cuddled and pet. All of my animals love children. They get to travel with me occasionally and love being a part of everything. The dogs are always excited for their walks and seek out children. The cats purr and cuddle my niece and nephew. They will love having a child to play and cuddle with.

My Home
My Home I live in a tri-level condominium in a small residential area. My home has three bathrooms and four bedrooms. I currently live alone with my pets, so there is plenty of room for family growth. My neighborhood consists of many different age groups from diverse backgrounds. My neighbors are kind, friendly, and willing to help when needed. The neighborhood is safe and well cared for. All year around adults and children can be seen playing, walking dogs, and swimming in the community pool. My home is located right behind Eagle creek Park where I enjoy walking and hiking with my dogs. I live 20 minutes from downtown Indianapolis. There are many local festivals, carnivals, parks, the zoo, and the Children's Museum in this area. I hope to explore this with any new addition to the family.

About Dani
Ages 20 to 29 n/a
Occupation Pediatric Polysomnographic Technologist
Ethnic Background African American n/a
Religion Jehovah’s Witnesses n/a
Hobbies Journaliing, Photography, hiking, good tv, and spending time with family
Marital Status Single without children
Number of Children None  
Adopted Children No  
Living Environment Suburbs  
Pets 3 dogs and 3 cats
Adoption Wishes
Child's Age Up to 1 Year Old  
Child's Gender Either
Child's Ethnic Background Any
Special Needs Individual basis
Love to hear from you. Can be contacted at:                                                         
If applicable, you can contact the adoption professional:
See more at 7012  

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